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Guild Events and contests


Guild events is primarly for fun. It`s also a good way to get closer to members and for getting to know eachother better. 

you can see what kind of arrangement we have and when it happens in the calendar. For each contest we run it will be a reward for the winner/winners. 


Imperial City Night: This event requires a medium to large group. where the main objective is to conquer the city from the Dominion and the Convenant, gather Tel Var Stones and defeat the evil horde of Molag Bal.

Skyshard Hunting: This event requires a medium to large group to hunt skyshards in Cyrodiil. Maybe raid some Towns and Resources or siege a Keep?

Dungeon runs: This event depends on what the guild members want. 

Raid night in Cyrodiil: This event regruires a medium to large group for doing quests in Cyrodiil. We`ll also slay all foes in our way. Claim Keeps, Resourcses and Towns.

Lotto: Contest where you can buy "Tickets". Each Ticket shal contain two numbers, you pick the numbers (between 1 to 20). When you buy a Ticket, send a mail to @Eldis in game or PM Thorsteinsen on this site about what numbers you pick and how many Tickets you`ve payed for. You pay with depositing the money in the guild bank. The winner gets 80 % all of the money spent in Lotto. If we have two or more winners, they will have to share the pot. If we dont get a winner, the pot will increase until next lotto contest. 


Duel Tournament: The winner gets price and a Warlord champion title. 


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